Monday, April 30, 2007

Politics...some ramblings

So the past saturday was the Ijok by-elections in selangor, malaysia....i have been following this one rather closely (well, not thaaat close, but ok lah)....i dont quite know what to say about it...

1. so many are so childish - this supporter attack that supporter, that supporter attack this supporter....if you are a gov supporter, u probably hear only about opposition party supporter attacking bn ppl, if you are opposition supporter, you would only be hearing about gov supporter attack opposition ppl...everyone wants to play victim, everyone is coward to disclose truth and condemn own ppl...

2. fanatics sucks (and they are the ones that matters? what happened to the more well educated and clear-thinking malaysians?) - i saw some keadilan videos n some bn videos too...both supporters are equally crazy and psycho...shouting n all (oh keadilan ppl, dont juz talk about KJ, you ppl shout like one-kind too)...keadilan would go talk bad about bn ppl, heck, u aint well behaved urselves when i see how you are...same goes for bn...these wild chants really reminded me of high school years when you have kids who arent mentally well developed yet and irrational, rebellious, etc - when shout and fight is how things get settled.

3. opposition ppl likes to play victim - yes, they are victimized in some way, but then some one brilliantly thought, "hey, lets play a bigger victim and gain more sympathy now that we are victims...lets blow the proportion up a bit more...heck, lets play ultimate victim: heroes oppressed from all angle". day when you are not opposition, lets see how 'good' you are, when you can't possibly be the victim anymore... come on guys, in some ways the opposition might have been disadvantaged, but surely, not in ALL WAYS...what are the chances of that? don't read too many novels.

4. someone made a fake recording of alleged vote-buying transaction over the phone:

what a loser. its most probably fake. you clearly hear that the chinese slang guy is a voice over, cunningly edited to flow with another conversation. while cleverly timed, the conversations juz dont match up at if you read the comments on youtube, you would see so many ppl juz blindly falls for it and goes on membabi buta with their rantings and cursings....

why can't people think a bit more to see what a junk this recording is? ok, well maybe i am wrong and the recording is genuine (and im not discarding that possibility), but the least, i think any rational person would listen to it and immediately go, "heyyyy, this sounds fishy" and be a lot more reserved in their judgement...

why cant they? too emotional perhaps. you know, people are a bit emo when it comes to other ppl being victimised (coz apparently victims are always right). fanatics, maybe. or plain ignorant. unfortunately, thats malaysian politics. emotional, ignorant, and fanatics (EIF). just go to any political party's gathering, you'll see, those are the 3 keywords.

sure, we have many clear minded people who are educated enough to make a well weighed judgement, but they dont matter in this malaysian political scene. truth is, unfortunately, EIFs are the ones that count, and as long as they are the ones who run the show, the above is how pathetic malaysian politics will be.

to people out there, here's something to ponder about. politicians have motivations. be it opposition or government, everyone will have their own personal agenda. everyone answers to someone, and everyone has to return favour to someone. you think government have cronies and are corrupt, guess what, if the opposition were to succeed, they too would need serius help from some important supporters. and these supporters dont want anything in return? dream on.

politics is very unlikely to be clean. so dont be fooled by choosing someone who claims they are clean and fair and just and bla bla bla, or appears clean n righteous (probably just good PR), for the reasons i gave above. you most likely won't get it if that's what you are looking for. instead, national and economic policies are clearer and they are more objective. hence, those are more worthy of our time and braincells than trying to determine who is cleaner or blindly following a leader with good PR.

that is all =)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Still breathing the sweet air, still living the good life =)

So my TWO WEEKS midsem/easter break had ended...and i have managed to accomplish almost everything that was listed in my holiday to-do list in the previous post =) all but organizing "the justice league" and *cough* studying *cough*...hehehe....

anyway, its fair to say that the holidays was quite eventful the way i see it, eventhough i would find trouble explaining just what exactly did i do...but in short: the holidays have been very kind to me...i had a great time doing whatever i was doing...and i was happy being with whoever that was there...

so today i am officially 22 years and 1 week old...last tuesday, 17th april, was my birthday =)

i would like to say gazillions of thank you's to all who made this lil birthday of mine special..the bday wishes and all...nothing is too little a gesture for me -> they all mean a lot to me...

i reserve special dedication to Dato Edward, Kristina, Azan, n Devan for the surprise on Tuesday night...story goes: that night i juz wanted to chill at devan's place coz havent been there for awhile (since his mom was around)...and on that day his mom left, tot that me n azan can chill there for dinner like normal...we could not do take away as we wanted to, hence we decided to cook...

i was lepaking in devan's computer room when suddenly i saw kristina outside...i come you are here? then i saw edward...and then it became clear -D'OH~! SURPRISE SUNNY! hahaha... so we had dinner, and played some poker, and then ate my bday chocolate ice cream was a great night...thank you edward n kristina for making the journey up to macquarie all the way from the city! seriusly terharu beb...thanks all....(oh ya, azan n cheeky cheeky busy bees =P )

also special dedication to Nisa, Syada, Ana, n Durra for the bbq + nasi ayam + my 2nd bday cake that you ppl kindly made for me on friday =) usually i cant tell if food is good or not (maafkan tastebuds ku), but that night im pretty sure ive had a really good dinner and ate a really nice cake...saya amat berterima kasih kepada saudari sekalian kerana dengan baik hatinya menjemput saya utk menyambut hari jadi saya =) it was probably your kindness that made the food taste all the better, and the moment all the special.

finally, my special dedication to Zek, Anas, Arif, May, Hawa, Sheera, n Fini for the chill-out poker night and surprise on saturday. Zek insisted that we chill out on saturday night to celebrate my bday...and since i had no plans...why not, kan? So that night we were juz chilling, had delicious dinner prepared by may n hawa...then played rounds of poker...lepaking n joking around...

around midnite fini n sheera arrived after coming back from beyonce's that time, poker was already show down between me n zek...a few moments after that, arif turned off the lights and i tot probably they wanted to snap cool poker duel pictures of me n zek with lights i was focused on the game - when they started singing happy birthday and i turned around and saw a brightly lit bday cake~! it was so sweet ... and i would have to go for sniffing test coz i didnt even smell the candles being lit behind me~!

and yes of coz, super duper timakasih cik gg for your hand in plotting the 3rd cake with zek...nakal ye? =P dari jauh pun nak surprise2 ye? hehehehehehehe...tunggu laa =P

again, thank you all...kam siah (hokkien thank you), xie xie =)

before i leave, i would like to make something clear here...

some friends ask me why i never organized anything to celebrate my bday and invite them, like a dinner or something...thing is, i dont really know why, but i am juz not the type of person that would organize things to celebrate my own birthday, nor would i kecoh2 about, who am i to mafan you all, 'asking' you all to wish/celebrate my bday? i like celebrating others' bdays by planning surprises n all, but im contented enough celebrating my bday by juz chilling like any normal me, getting simple bday wishes would already be enough to make my day simply coz i know i have people out there who remembers and cares...

so...yeah, i am now older, and i hope i would grow to be more wiser...few weeks ago i said all i wanted was to still be in sydney come this time...and im still here, still breathing the sweet air, still living the good life...i can't thank you enough, Allah, for all the blessings you have given me up to this moment...

p/s - tq alan lau ma man for calling alllll the way from KL! u friggin cool man~! hahaha =P

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

things i do when i'm angry

Tasha tagged me for this...and i think its quite interesting, because from high school years till now, my temperament had changed dramatically and hence my ways of dealing with anger.

I used to be very very bad tempered/hot headed. Right now, i've probably mellowed. Old age? hahaha...i call it 'getting matured'. So, here goes....things i do when i'm angry:

1. Shout.

i shout (more in the past) when im angry on certain occasions, and sometimes, the shouting would also include swearing. a recent example: a UTS player needlessly slide-tackled and injured one of my soccer teammates during sports carnival few days ago. they were 3-0 up, and it was a stupid+unnecessary challenge. i was mad coz i know how it feels to suffer such heavy injury like a broken bone, and i made sure that UTS player knew my feelings after the match by shouting at him and his whole team.

i felt bad after that for shouting, went to the whole UTS team, and apologized for my outburst, particularly to that guy - but i made a point that the message i was getting across stands.

2. Walk off or Send off

this is something i do when my anger is related to dissapointment. i would be still for a moment absorbing whatever that is happening around me, and walk off the scene to solitary to further calm myself and re-evaluate everything. i would return to the scene to confront matters, usually more composed and with an apology.

or, i would send off the person who made me angry, probably by asking him/her to do something else away from the scene or just take a break, so that i can cool down, then probably recall the person back when we both are ready to get over it all and move forward. sometimes there would be a verbal apology, but sometimes, apologies come in the form of actions and need not be spoken.

3. Be Funny, with or without sarcasm attached (usually with)

this comes in situation when somehow i could instantly get composed and find some witty remarks about the situation. usually the type of anger associated is not terribly serious.

in a stressful situation, an effective joke could almost immediately change everyone's gear to a more calm and constructive level, instead of staying full of emotions and anger. it's not easy to be funny when angry, but more often than before, ive been able to do it.

when sarcasm is being attached, it usually is aimed at a target that's not present, or source of anger that's elsewhere. this is simply because sarcasm can easily make the joke back-fire and trigger bigger flares of tension.

4. Slam my keyboard/desk + clinch my fist.

so far, no keyboards/desks had been broken, no fists were really thrown at anyone/thing but air. usually this method is used when dealing with computer-related anger. for example, when i play PES and have 15 shots on target but no goals, or a crashing computer (which has the most perfect timing).

sometimes its funny when i think back, coz sometimes, why i played the game in the first place is to relieve my tension - but turned out to have made me more angry. lucky, at least the anger is channeled elsewhere.

tip: buy a 15 dollar pariah keyboard with hard keys - they are as effective as the fancy-mancy ones, but are much much more durable, and they cost less if destined to be destroyed by anger-driven mighty you.

5. keep mum + long breaths + silent istighfars

sometimes when angered, i would just shut up and keep silent, taking long and deep breaths, and saying silent istighfars. i do this to reset my mind to identify clearly, and face the real issue more constructively. this too is something ive learnt in recent years and pretty much is how i deal with anger usually nowadays. definitely is not what i would usually do back in the old days.

over the years, i found out (the hard way) that when anyone speaks or speaks too much when are angry, feelings will be hurt and problems would get worst. why? coz an anger driven person tend to lose grip of the situation, lose hold to rationality, and simply lose it all.

i've hurt some friends before with my big mouth, sometimes these are the ones who really mean a lot to me. i've been lucky to have been forgiven many times, but i realise second chances don't come all the time, and that's why i make it a point to learn to calm down. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur; terlajak kata, binasa.

6. Going to the basketball court, shooting long shots + slamming the board with the ball - hard

this is a classic. i do this once in awhile, more often in the past when i was in mrsm and have easy access to a ball court. i used to go to the court between subuh prayers and breakfast to cool myself down in the chilly and serene environment, while just throwing the ball. i know my temper had gone down when ive started doing lay-ups. this is my version of a physical approach to anger management, and it has never failed me.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

cuti sudah bermula...

yeahaaa.....laptop aku skarang dah virgin semula!!! baru reformat daaa~


yeahaaa~!!cuti dah start~!! and since aku kat macquarie uni, 2 kali yeahaaa la dari dak2 uni lain sbb cuti budak2 macquarie ni 2 minggu lamanye =P

[bertukar ke nada formal]

di sini saya senaraikan (tanpa mengikut susunan prioriti) beberapa perkara yang ingin saya lakukan di masa cuti ini:

(oleh kerana saya bukan pelajar TESL, maka saya tak akan melayan kawan saya dari NZ/Brisbane...haha...maaf ya, ini adalah stereotaip yang nyata bagi pelajar TESL setiap musim cuti...haha)

--lepak di city, mengeratkan silaturrahim bersama sahabat handai yang sudah lama tak ketemu
--berkaraoke + menyanyikan lagu2 wajib karaoke
--menonton persembahan dramac yang sekian lama tertangguh (maaf nisa!)
--menghadiri majlis graduasi rakan2 saya di macquarie dan di mana-mana jua uni di sydney
--menyertai 'inter uni sports carnival' sebagai pemain dan penyokong...ya, 4 tahun, masih bersemangat!
--*uhuk* belajar *uhuk*
--bermain bola keranjang
--menganjurkan kejohanan playstation 2 'pro evolution soccer' yang juga dikenali sebagai 'Justice League'
--menghubungi semula rakan2 lama di mana jua yang sudah lama tiada khabar/berhubungan.
--memulangkan tupperware tasha =P

saya rasa itulah dia agenda-agenda utama cuti ini...ingin maklumat lanjut? hubungi saya di sini dan sana...sekian =)

p/s-azan, have fun reading...this to practice your malay yo!

p-p/s - Gullible Info: "On any given day, there is a 94 percent chance that you will walk past someone with the same birthday as you."

Monday, April 02, 2007

check these out

This is the origina scene from Top Gun:

and this i found on youtube:

hahaha...i would so wanna try that stunt...hahaha....(not propose lah, but, u know...pick-up)...ooops....someone's angry!