Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I See The Light! ... Now I Don't!

maybe collecting my random thoughts, those 1-2-3-4-whine liners on my blog is a good thing to do...not so much of reminding everyone else of what i think, but more to remind myself who i am from time to time..

here's a start:

"if we don't stay and improve things slowly from the fundamentals up, and leave simply because we don't like things, things will never progress..once in every blue moon someone decides to stay and will be strong enough to make a difference but more likely than that, collective will for change no matter how small individually will decide the battle.."

i was inspired by my frustration that how certain things at work that i feel can be bettered will just be excused as 'culture' and live on...like unnecessary fear of the bos, or coming back from 1 hour 'lunch break' to continue work just after 15 minutes!

culture might be one reason that might push me away from my current job in the future but it is just not me to run away from being the change i feel necessary and subtly do my best to improve what's around me...i've done it before many times and each time i find no task is too big..i might not be able to change the whole corporate organisation, yet, but at least i am another guy in there which contributes to the number of people with the same mentality..and enough of 'me' who decided to stay would one day become significant enough to change 'culture'..

not just work..for example, i was stuck in a bad jam on my way back from work coz of some accident up front, and it is so tempting to shift into the emergency lane and cruise forward (which some cars are doing)..i was frustrated by this habit in our society..but then i thought, if i wont be big enough to change our driver's attitude, i will contribute to the number of people queing up in the jam like civilised people..

and u know what struck me? i noticed that if this was KL (to the extent of my experience in its gridlocks), the emergency lane would've been swamped..BUT..there were only about 1 car zooming past per 5 seconds just now, which is not bad!so i feel i've contributed to a new driving 'culture' by joining the rest in the line =)

and how i realize little things in life that we face everyday is beautifully connected to bigger things in our world..if u belief in something, the least u can do is live ur beliefs, be counted, and let market forces lead the way..but hey, most things in life is grey..what you believe strongly is right is exactly what someone else equally strongly believe is wrong..so in the process of it all, don't forget to maintain a certain degree of respect to others =)