Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Need A Job With More 'Me Time'

Ok. Went to the gym today and of all the things I could've seen on the announcement board, I saw this poster of JB Arts Festival 2010. (Gym?Arts Festival?)

JB Arts Festival

It had been running since 29th June and I only found out about it today. Bloody missed some good performances. D'oh!
Besides revealing the fact that I haven't visited the gym for at least 3 weeks, it shows that either:

1) The festival had little promo, or
2) I was too busy to notice any promos, or
3) Both

I think it's really (2). Even if promos were there, I no longer have time to go search for it. It seems if I need to know about happenings around me, either I stumble upon it or someone has to inform me about it. I think it's sad, like I'm disabled or something.

Well, to be fair, couldn't really entirely blame the job for this. But I really need to manage my time better. Somehow, it all must fit in the 24/7 that I have. Work, family, ME, etc (not necessarily in that order). And if anypart of all that needs to be sacrificed, it must be 'work' I feel.

P/s: Thank God I'm not a doctor.

Oh, JB ppl, check out the festival yo! They also on Facebook.